Friday, 4 July 2014

House, dance trance still on wax!!!! Vinyl lives on.

Global Groove still first for dance records

With record sales booming into 2014 many music websites have died and gone to heaven, why, simple they are not providing a high enough service for customers. have been expanding, they have sold on for years along with there online store but now with vinyl records on the increase again they are hitting back. Firstly rumour has it that they have a amazing new site being built that will make discogs and juno sit up and listen, the site is going to offer a much richer experience, with media and experience being at the heart if the site.

Global also has a record shop, yes a actual shop which they have been refitting for the next generation of vinyl lovers. Further more the shop is run by djs, yes they know there stuff, so you can call up and be treated like royalty or come down, spend a day with the crew and select from the 60,000 they have in stock. New releases are literally added daily, so as soon as it hits wax you can get it. Not many other sites get stock so quick online. Talking to the global guys it was obvious they really know there stuff, if you want a copy of something they will have it and if they don't they will be able to source it. There stock system is so advanced that shop and site are totally as one so even if you are in the USA looking for vinyl records or Australia you can get the same service. Service is key and this maybe the reason they are still trading so well.

House have a amazing selection of house records, still very popular worldwide house music pushes on strong and even though most djs have turned to mp3s, we all know proper djs play vinyl. 

It's worth mentioning they provide some of the best rates for worldwide delivery, as a good portion of there stock goes overseas, customer first.

You can find globals site at pay them a visit.

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